Field Measurement

Sometimes it's necessary to do a field measure to verify an existing curb's dimensions. If this applies to you, you're in luck. We've provided an easy-to-follow guide that will help you through the process.

Please fill out the attached form, making sure to note which opening is the return, and which opening is the supply.

And remember, your existing curb may not exactly match this configuration, but as long as you fill this sheet completely we'll figure out the rest.

CDI requires the following information for a curb verification

  1. Outside dimensions of the curb Do not measure the RTU
  2. Return and supply sizes. Also label the Return and Supply on the drawing.
  3. Locations of the return and supply from the outside of the curb
  4. Brand name and model # of the existing RTU


  • CDI over sizes YOUR dimensions 1-1/2", so please supply actual field dimensions
  • It is better to make a curb adapter 2" too large than 2" too small
  • You can never supply CDI with too much information. Some other information that is helpful is any object that may be in the way such as: walls, pipes, other units, skylights, equipment rails, etc.
  • Pictures are great

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