Move over slide rule - CDI has a mobile app for that!

When it comes to technology, CDI has set the standard high in the Curb Adapter Industry. CDI is the first manufacturer to introduce a mobile app for Android and iPhone. The mobile app is very efficient for building your quotes and drawings.

Features of the CDI mobile app include

  • View your Order History
  • View your Quote History
  • Generate new Quotes
  • View 3D drawings of your adapter curb
  • View 2D drawings of the existing and new units
  • You are able to email your quotes to your customer
  • You are able to forward drawings to your customer

CDI's mobile app provides access to thousands of prices and drawings unlike the slide rule of old.

Now not only can you select old model # and new model #, you also get a price, drawings and the ability to forward this to your end user.

Are you excited about this? We are! If you need help getting started, give us a call 1-888-234-7001

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