CDI has a mobile app for that!

When it comes to technology, CDI has set the standard high in the Curb Adapter Industry. CDI is the first manufacturer to introduce a mobile app for Android. The mobile app is very efficient for building your quotes and drawings.

Features of the CDI mobile app include

  • View your Order History
  • View your Quote History
  • Generate new Quotes
  • View 3D drawings of your adapter curb
  • View 2D drawings of the existing and new units
  • You are able to email your quotes to your customer
  • You are able to forward drawings to your customer

CDI's mobile app provides access to thousands of prices and drawings.

Now not only can you select old model # and new model #, you also get a price, drawings and the ability to forward this to your end user.

Are you excited about this? We are! If you need help getting started, give us a call 1-888-234-7001

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